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A Drift Data Revolution

The world of drifting is about to receive a shake-up, with the imminent release of motorsport data solution company Battleist’s ‘Panda’, a cutting edge data acquisition system that has the potential to revolutionise the sport.

Proudly designed and built here in Australia by the Battleist team, Panda delivers a super accurate, affordable motorsport data logging system that can track your car’s data and stream it live, improve your skills, offer comparisons to other drivers and even provide unique judging capabilities.

The incredible features of Panda are all bundled into a stylish, yet compact hardware unit, specialised software package and intuitive smart phone app to display and control data collection.

Panda will offer drifting (and other motorsports) a host of traditional telemetry indicators plus never before-seen features that will re-define the way you drift/drag/rally or race. Speed, line and angle are all easily logged while tapping into the engine ECU allows Panda to access information such as RPM, throttle percentage, rear wheel speed and it can even estimate horsepower. In true drift spirit a ‘Bake Meter’ has also been incorporated, determining to what extent you are smoking your tyres.

Battleist’s team has worked miracles on the accuracy of the unit, lowering the standard phone GPS accuracy from 10m down to an incredible ½ a meter, allowing unparalleled data potential and showing why Panda is the next generation of motorsport data acquisition systems.

It’s not just the drivers who will share in this world of drift data with the Battleist team incorporating a world first LIVE feature. Using Panda, the vehicle’s telemetry can be broadcast in real-time to spotters, mechanics, the crowd, judges and even around the world, via the internet. The possibilities with the LIVE function are breathtaking.

Another major revolutionary Panda feature is the ‘Comparison’ function. In the same way runners and riders compare times and results on fitness apps, drivers will be able to directly compare how they stack up against other drifters on a course or specific corners via data points such as entry speed, angle, mid corner speed and even timing. The Battleist team are proud to point out this feature has the ability to progress the sport as it motivates drivers via a friendly competition based feedback system.

The ability for Panda to transform drift judging is a fascinating thought experiment, and something that the Battleist team are keen to work with Event Organisers on moving forward. Panda can integrate objective data into the judging equation and output scores based on the weight placed on various criteria the judges have inputted into the system.

Prototype Panda units have been tested by some of the top drifters in the world with fantastic results, including a U.S Formula Drift driver, Australian Champion Luke Fink and current Formula Drift Pro 2 competitor Josh Robinson. The team has also been successfully testing units in a variety of other motorsport disciplines, including rally, go karting, drag racing and circuit racing.

“Panda has been a labour of love for the Battleist team for over two years and we are excited to release this project publically. There is nothing like Panda on the market in terms of features and benefits for drivers around the world and we look forward to the positive impact Panda will have on the wider world of motorsport,” said Battleist Director and Panda Co-creator Michael Vernuccio.

To learn more about the Battleist Panda and pre-order your package, head to or on and like the page.

Keen to learn more? Stay tuned to Drift Life for an in-depth story with Battleist Director Michael Vernuccio about the new company, how he and business partner Jeremy Storer have been able to put together a cutting edge product like this from the ground up and more on how Battleist will help transform the sport of drifting and motorsport in general.


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