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One City’s Strange Love Affair With My Cars

Car buyers in Melbourne don’t want to purchase my cars. You’ll never guess where they all end up? ;) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

In fact late last on Monday night, there I was, in a dark industrial street in Dandenong, counting cash on the step of a semi trailer car carrier before handing over the keys to my S15 and watching it head back to Sydney.

Three days earlier, i got a message asking if the car was still for sale and what was the best price. He didn’t want to know much about the car itself so we negotiated a price, he agreed and straight away informed me his friend would come down from Sydney and collect it. It seemed too easy? I asked if he wanted someone to look it over or anything. Nope. He just gave me the time and place to meet the truck driver friend and to count the cash. In the end it was a little surreal to hand over the car in such a fashion but I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I did. Apparently the S15 is getting a real engine transplanted into it. Yep. LS. haha. #lstheworld?

The S15 going to Sydney has become an all too familiar theme in my car history, and one that seems hard to believe. In fact it became the fifth car of the 9 i have owned that have gone north!

My Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (awesome) was sold at Melbourne Airport and i counted the cash in the Maccas/BP out the front before the new owner headed back to Sydney.

Three years later I sat at the same airport McDonalds, counting the cash with another Sydney buyer who flew down to buy my first Silvia [NORMAL].

Fast forward to 2008 and I get a call from a guy in Sydney who wants to fly down to view my JDM S14. Money counted, he heads up the Hume.

In 2015, i was selling a grey 180sx that I had built back up with a friend from a $700 car with a blown engine. Guess where the young guy travelled from to buy it from me? Ye.p Sydney.

So that surreal feeling on Monday night in Dandenong was perhaps somewhat warranted given the strange turn of events over the years and Sydney’s affinity with buying my cars. What’s wrong Melbourne? Are my cars too Sydney spec for you?

Anyhow, so ends another chapter in my drifting life. It was sad to see such a sorted car go that served my drift needs perfectly. My friends Waz, Rob and my father were instrumental in making that car the reliable beast that it was, but I also received support from Simon Michelmore (amazing knuckles), Greg at GKTech and many others along the way and for that I am very thankful.

Drift Life Update

I am putting the hobby I love on pause for now as a champagne taste hobby on a beer income is not a good match with the crazy Melbourne housing market! I might take my own advice and play tennis. I am also judging the Victorian Drift Championship this year which provides some continued connection with the sport despite losing the chariot.

I’ll be back behind the wheel one day (it never leaves the blood), but there is still plenty of drift content ideas I have been experimenting with (like the Meihan interview series with Taichi Hisano and Aaron from Wolfreign Motors) and I’ll be having one final crack at Drift Life this year before I decide it’s fate.

Thanks for your continued support.


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