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Buy an Aussie Drift Heavyweight

If you are in the market for a top shelf Aussie drift car currently you are in luck!


The current Australian Drifting Grand Prix championship winning 350Z of Rob Whyte and Australian Drifting’s Godfather Danny ‘Denzo’ Vahoumis’s meal deal 1JZ powered S15 Silvia are up for grabs.

Rob Whyte 350Z


Rob is only providing detailed info via Private Message on Facebook to those serious but the car has a supercharged VQ35HR engine, pumps out 450hp and lots of torque’s at 14PSI and runs on E85. The car utilises carbon parts, a comprehensive weld in safety cage and I am sure a shopping list as long as the Silvia below.



Danny Vahoumis S15 Silvia

Everyone loves a JDM shopping list, so here is Vahoumis’s S15 specs.



1JZvvti engine
Tomei pon cams
HKS cam gear
Gates timing belt
NZKW inlet plenum
VH45 throttle body
1600cc injectors
Sard fuel rail + fuel reg
Vipec V88 ecu includes boost control mac valve
kinigawa T67-25g Turbo
6 boost manifold
Turbosmart 50mil gate
Custom stainless exhaust
Custom intercooler and oil cooler
Big radiator
Oil catcher tank
twin in tank walbro E85 pumps with Teflon hose
chaser R154 5 speed g/box
Extreme twin plate 230 mil clutch with push conversion


HSD coil overs
Kazama caster rods
Kazama tie rods
Kazama tie rod ends
GP sports Hyper Knuckles
Nismo power brace
Whiteline sway bar
Cusco strut brace
Kazama rear camber
Kazama rear toe arms
KTS Traction rods
KTS cradle bushes
KTS cradle bracing
Whiteline rear sway bar
Diff and shafts R33 GTR with 4.11
ATS 2 way LSD

R33 GTR brembo brakes
Nismo pads
Braided brake lines
Hydro hand brake -good quality

Full bolt in cage with welded side bars
Velo and Recaro seats
Takata harnesses
4x electric gauges
helmet net

Dmax bonnet
Origin front and rear wide body fenders 40mil front 50mil rear
Origin front and rear bars
Origin side skirts
Dmax roof wing and boot wing
fibre glass doors and boot lid
Origin tail lights
F1 mirrors


Wed Sports (made in japan) 18×10+18
Achilles 123s 255/35/18 front 265/35/18 rear

Notes: “I built the car using mostly new parts from japan it makes around 300kw at the wheels with more in it if you need , it’s tuned for E85 and has plenty of torque , built for drift but could also make a good circuit car , hardly used since it was built very fast and reliable , I have built many cars over the years and this car is cheap”


Considering the Team CTS 180SX was only recently bought by Christian Pickering, it is a hot time for serious drift car’s on the market in Australia. It will be interesting to see to who and where they end up and if they continue to remain in the drift scene. Let’s hope so.

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