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Australian Drift Bottled in 2005: The Good Old Days

The Australian drifting landscape in 2005 was quite primitive. Back then, drifting was still relatively new to Australia, the cars were generally very basic in specification and Aussie driving levels were quit modest. New limits seemed to be constantly explored. This gave those involved that pioneering feeling and a raw energy that really produced a buzz around the events. In 2005 Australian drift seemed to be exponentially growing. Exciting times. Adding mystique to the QLD event was the appearance of some top Japanese drivers, including Tezuka, Bai and Izumida who showcased how far the driving level could go. It certainly made the Aussie drivers step up faster and try to emulate these Japanese masters.

I put this road trip footage together as a 4 part series to encapsulate Australian drifting at that time in terms of the vibe and Mabo and all that. You know.

Featuring all the Aussie greats, from Christian Pickering, Leighton Fine, Darren Appleton and Chris DeJager, to the Vahoumis brothers and even the infamous Robbie Bolger.

The Drift Battle Silvia, The CAPA 1000hp Drift Ute, Tillbrook 180SX, Fine’s grandma spec faded yellow AE86, the D1 Garage S14, they are all there!

This is not a montage, this is just an epic Australian drift story and road trip to the 2005 Full Lock QLD Drift Nationals. (Head to Parts 3 and 4 if you just want to see the on track action)

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