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Lost In The Snow: When Ebisu Bites // VIDEO

In late 2006, I moved to Japan.  Teaching English and drifting was the vision.  I certainly spent time with the first part of that vision, not so much the latter.

In mid 2007, the company I taught english with, which was the single largest employer of foreigners in Japan, started to crumble. Severe mismanagement had put thousands of foreigners jobs….and their ability to live in Japan, in jeopardy.

Only a few short months later, the company went down like the titanic, with most of the workers going down with the ship. I was on that ship.  As a result, I was owed over two months salary plus holiday pay and my bank account was looking very sad indeed. My future in Japan was also on the rocks.

My plans of drifting the Autumn Drift Festival at Ebisu later in the year had been crushed. I was devastated. After some contemplation, I thought stuff it, I’ll at least go and watch. With barely enough money to pay rent and eat, I decided to scrounge what I could together and with a couple of mates decided to road trip all the way from Osaka to Ebisu (17 hour drive).

Although it was painful to be driving a car perfectly capable of drifting to the best drift complex in the world, we decided to make the best of it.  The analogy I use for this feeling was having Jessica Alba in the bedroom, but you are only allowed to sit and watch TV together.

My two travelling companions were Laurence from JDMism and Alexi from Noriyaro .

I didn’t realise how crazy the trip would become as we started our journey, but luckily it’s all on film as proof!

Grab some popcorn and join me on this 3 part drift odyssey we shared in a foreign land in November 2007.

This is the scene that we were greeted with, the day after our night from hell. Spectacular under any other circumstances!

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