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Drift Life Heads To Mecca – Ebisu Circuit

ebisu drift
This, ladies and gentleman, is the Ebisu Circuit  complex in Fukushima prefecture in northern Japan.

It is the ultimate drift playground and a destination for drifters from all over the world.  There is many different circuits/areas to drift and I think the “theme park of cars” sums this up quite well.

Drift Life is heading there to fulfil a bucket list item, improve my drifting skills and have a tonne of fun. The plan is also to bring you some figures on total trip costs to the nearest dollar, provide you with some tips if you are planning on heading over and hopefully get some cool photos and footage for an edit when I return to Australia. I have been keeping tab of everything I have been spending so I should have a realistic total come the end of the week to announce.

drift life video
I have prepared a selection of cameras to document the trip as best as I can without sacrificing driving time too much.

This is the car I purchased. It is a 1998 C35 Nissan Laurel. Quite the ‘For Sale’ picture! I will have more info on the car details and trip at a later stage.

I will be drifting from Wednesday 30th April through to Sunday 4th May. Friday I will compete at the foreigner only drift competition known as G1GP and should be fun to be part of.  

I have many ideas of what I wish to accomplish during the week in terms of driving and filming, but Ill have to see what is possible once I am there and in the moment. 

I will update on the Drift Life Facebook page as often as possible during the trip and if you have any questions you would like answered, let me know via the Facebook page comments or leave a comment below this article.

Can’ wait to finally get over there after so many years of watching the fun unfold on YouTube.

I’ll keep you posted. 


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