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The Scales of Drift

Drift Life was officially offered its first vehicle to evaluate. The car is a fully setup drift car and is sporting big power so I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel. Thankfully this particular car didn’t involve a trailer or a tow car, spending hundreds of dollars on tyres, fuel and entry fees, nor did it take hours to travel to a special track to use the vehicle. Refreshing!

If I could just scale myself down to 1:10th scale temporarily there would be no need for a real drift car!

The car in question is a RC drift car with all the bells and whistles, a powerful engine, special suspension, wheels and tyres, carbon chassis and modifications I probably don’t even know about.

I have had zero experience drifting an RC car so my situation is akin to the common 1:1 scale scenario where someone with zero drift experience purchases or builds a serious competition spec drift car.

Due to the RC car being properly setup, my first attempt at drifting went better than expected. However, I certainly have a long way to go to master the skill. Sliding the car makes me smile and just as is the case with real  drifting, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and learning experience that improving my skills on the little rocket presents. Driving a RC drift car has some similarities to real drifting, as well as some 4WD rally techniques thrown in.  Before I show you the video of the car in action, I thought I would run you through the car!

The package arrived with car, controller and the box of spares, batteries and a high tech charger.

I was enjoying exploring  all the associated tools, cogs, suspension components and different wheels as I introduced myself to the RC drift world.

This is the car in question and it sure looks tough! Widebody and perfect offset Te-37 style wheels!

I was so swept up with my first RC drift experience, I layed down on the ground like an infatuated wildlife photographer with my camera and decided to do my first feature shoot! Choosing a photo shoot location is important and I decided to go with a minimalist colour theme to accentuate the lines of the car. Did I really just say that? The truth is my unit walls are grey and so is the driveway, so combining that with the car colour, the green shrubs give a nice contrast.

Check the micro cable ties for that authentic drift look. Although in this instance it serves a function, as I think the shell has take some punishment in the past.

I got it like that, honest!

Lifting the shell revealed the inner workings.

Dense foam bumper absorbs some of the shock in the inevitable crashes.

When good times go bad! The shrubs provided a soft barrier between the concrete wall, so no major damaged was sustained.

By popular demand, please see the short video I produced for everyone on my first proper outing to a special location.

I feel like RC drift may just be a fling, or an affair of sorts. I currently love it, however I can feel that the initial enthusiasm may start to wear off. In the mean time, I will be loving my cheap drift thrills!


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Jos Roder

is the owner of Drift Life and delves deeper into drifting culture. Jos started drifting more than 10 years ago after discovering a sport existed that captured his favourite motoring endeavour, going sideways! Jos works full-time in the automotive/motorsport field as a PR Manager and Advanced Driving Instructor and currently owns a JDM S15 Nissan Silvia for drift/track/hillclimb duties.

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  1. wazman says:

    bah ha ha ha wall scrapes ! lots of em…….hey wait thats MY car your scraping mofo! ha ha ha
    Should have got Alex to tell you the specs of the car…. oh well its fun !

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