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Drifting is Weird

2012-05-27 12.12.23
If you  have to go shopping at a Costco with your partner before a drift event, this is a pretty good result. Meat and three jacks. DONE.

2012-06-24 10.10.44
Your backyard and tyre collection will normally look something like this. As a result of this state of affairs and the thought at what has to be completed to get the car ready, you just get your phone……….

and type this  into the search bar of  a job seeking website hoping for a miracle.

2011-11-12 13.01.24
If you are involved in Drifting you are familiar with the goold old Road trip. They yield so many crazy moments that it could be a post in its own right, but instead I will just leave you with a guy from the set of Mad Max riding beside me.

2011-08-13 10.23.00
Drift stickers turn up in some random places. I bet you didn’t realise that that drifters and scooter riders have something in common. They are both looked down upon by their respective family members (Ie Motorsport and Motorcycling). Next time you see a scooter, wave and acknowledge…..no actually, scrap that, you don’t want to look like a nerd waving to a scooter rider.

It’s important to look the part if you are attending a drift event. Standing out from the crowd is usually reflected in the interesting stickers, paint schemes and car styles, however if that doesn’t cut the mustard, try a red tie and a white shirt.   Non flammable ties should be sought if you are working on the engine though.

2012-11-24 07.04.04
Drifters having been letting you know what your daughter likes since about 2009.

If you can’t fit something under the bonnet, just cut a hole.

2012-12-15 13.56.27
If you don’t have an intercooler pipe kit, it is handy being a plumber.

2012-04-15 08.27.34
Scrutineers ponder over thought provoking questions such as ‘how much windscreen area do you need to see through anyway?’

2012-11-24 10.43.56
Scrutineers are always happy when they are presented with a car that takes fire very seriously. In a roll over or frontal impact, fire suppression in this car would be amazing.  The second reason for water ballast is a little known secret that U.S  dirt track guys in the 70s used to implement. Actually, I just made that up, but it sounded legit. Transitions would be a wobbly affair though!

2012-04-15 08.29.43
My first impression as I see this photo is that I am looking at the sporty version of the Mutt Cuts van in Dumb and Dumber. I hear you ask “Why?” The answer would probably be “Because we can” . Until they are told they can’t because  the grass on the bonnet could overheat and catch fire. I do suspect the owner was a bit worried he would spend time spinning into the grass so this would camouflage any off track excursions. “I didn’t even spin once”

This picture is a good metaphor.Why do it once properly, when you can do it many times cheaply.

Walking through the pits yields some interesting finds. This looked like some form of sensor hanging from the front bar on initial inspection. After asking the owner, I was told this was the bonnet release that had broken off inside the cabin so it was rerouted to the location you see here.

2011-10-29 11.25.58
If you are drifting and about to head out on track, please check your bonnet latch/pins. This happens quite often.

Exhibit B.


Credit:unkown source

It is only at a drifting event that you would be presented with an obstacle course that looks something like this. I think they were protesting about R32 skylines being on track with them.

Drifters are a team who work for the greater good. If it is good enough for the safety team to clean up, it is good enough for drifters. How many V8 Supercar drivers or Porsche club drivers get down and dirty like this!

2012-11-24 12.23.43
At the end of the day a stock pile of body parts sit on the ground waiting for people to claim them. Bodykits, in particular front and rear bars being  are easily dislodged and is somewhat of a mystery to the mainstream motorsport public. I say we keep it that way. We can’t reveal all of the trade secrets.

2012-12-15 17.08.09
Don’t think just because you bought a GoPro to record your sideways exploits that the camera is safe. Even GoPro’s sometimes succumb to the force that is drifting. Having said that……

2012-05-05 09.08.32
After a time spent drifting, your trailer will probably look like this, because you have exhausted your funds!

Drifting has a personality of its own and that is part of the reason we love it!

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