Published on October 5th, 2012 | by Jos Roder


Mind Mapping – Avoidable Drift Pain

The photo below should help explain to you why having your own trailer and tow car is the smart idea. It makes the drifting experience a less time consuming and stressful experience.

Mind mapping this helped me work out the most effective way to accomplish everything in spite of my handicap.

This hopefully gives you and idea of what you may have to do the night before the event if you don’t have trailer and tow car!

Moral of the story, if at all possible, get a trailer and tow car!

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Jos Roder

is the owner of Drift Life and delves deeper into drifting culture. Jos started drifting more than 10 years ago after discovering a sport existed that captured his favourite motoring endeavour, going sideways! Jos works full-time in the automotive/motorsport field as a PR Manager and Advanced Driving Instructor and currently owns a JDM S15 Nissan Silvia for drift/track/hillclimb duties.

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