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Bathurst – Mount Panorama Drift

With the Bathurst 1000 happening this weekend I thought I would get everyone in the mood with a drifting perspective on the whole event. I am looking forward to sitting down, having a BBQ and a couple of quiet drinks and living vicariously for the whole day as the guys go about their business. Poor blokes! I always pray for some rain half way through though!

Now I will get to the whole drift part of the blog in a moment, but in case you are not familiar with the whole Bathurst thing you keep hearing about, I am hear to tell you it is country NSW and one of the most famous tracks in the world due to it using a mountain as a spectacular back drop and producing some original and breathtaking corners. It is an Aussie institution and on top of the hill it is a bogan drink fest and not really a place blokes should take their ‘sheila’s! At least it used to be like this anyhow!

To give you a bit of an idea, here is some very rare footage that my father took in 1983 of the race and all the happenings that goes on at Mount Panorama on race weekend!

Leaning more toward drifting, is a video that excites me somewhat and that is Glenn Seton driving a RWD turbo skyline over the top of the mountain. It is not drifting as such, but it is lots of opposite lock action as he pushes the limit of the car in the wet! Some good steering!

This brings us to some actual drifting at mount Panorama. Drifting over the top of the mountain is the ultimate scalp to take if you are an Australian drifter. Drifting was born in the mountains of Japan so it would be something special to drift through the dipper or up through the cutting! I am led to believe there has been some drifting over the top of the mountain by some fortunate drifters who may have snuck a few laps in, however I am yet to see any video of this surface. There has however been drifting through the chase and onto the main straight documented during I believe a once off drift event trial some years ago. Head to the 45 second mark.

So remember as you watch Bathurst this Sunday, that there is probably a few thousand other drift lovers out there thinking the exact same thing as they watch the Great Race. Let us drift it!!!

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