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Drift Attack Preparations Part 2 – The Trailer

Not owning a trailer for the event, I asked my friend and co-owner of the car (Geoff) if I could borrow his trailer. He was happy for me to do so, but mentioned it was not registered. I enlisted the help of my father and  we went to pick up the  trailer to get it ready for the event..   had supplied the documents and proof of ownership we needed to make that happen. We headed back to Dads to work on the trailer for the day.

We started off checking if all the lights had power as some weren’t working and did a stocktake on what globes we needed. We also needed to install some wiring for the marker lights.

Next was some soldering and locating some new wire into the trailer chassis.

We ended up taking out half the garage of tools to work on the damn thing! Finding bolts and nuts etc, cutting them down was all good fun. I also had to take a trip to the local Repco for new globes and lights.

Dad got to welding a rusted loose section of the guard and reinforcing it with a plate. Thanks to Dad for his help!

UPDATE: EPIC FAIL. After a full day on the trailer and the thing pretty much ready to go, all the work would be for nothing in a way as i went to book the trailer in to VicRoads for an inspection for registration but they were booked out until after the event. Lesson learnt……….or was it. At least I am upholding the drift mentality of last minute!

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