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Drift Attack 2012 Preparations Part 1 – The Car

Getting ready for a drift event is usually an unceremonious swearing based blur of late nights and problems that materialise from trying to solve something else. It invariably leads to the time honoured drifting tradition of leaving everything to the very last minute and getting two hours of exhausted, apprehensive, interrupted sleep the night before the drift event.

I filmed the lead up to a previous event The Road to Drift Supercup but today is about preparing for  one of Victoria’s biggest Drift Events for the year, the Supreme Caravans Drift Attack.

Luckily my car is reliable but I had noticed the turbo to dump pipe gasket was coming loose so it needed to be replaced.

Being a factory Nissan driver I get a tonne of factory parts already fitted to the car, like this burly T25 turbocharger. This pic shows the bolts/nuts coming loose on the under side of the turbo and potentially robbing me of 2.5 to 2.9kw’s depending on boost pressure.

I was lucky enough to have Waz from Garage Low come over Friday night, we got the whole car up on jack stands and got to work.

We removed the cat, front and dump and then the gasket popped out. I had hoped to re use it, and it was still in one piece but a bit worse for wear so decided to replace it. The shops were closed so we headed to Waz’s place as he thought he may have one.

We couldn’t find it though in his garage, so we headed back to my place…….

There is no bracket remaining on the car to meet the dump pipe and support it, so we had to get chicken wire and tie around the start of the cat back to hold it in position.

At GKTech Round 2 the fan caught on the shroud and overheated the car, so we had to raise the radiator. We put some rubber under the radiator supports to raise it up so it wouldn’t fall down into the fan again. I also refitted the top radiator support after I found some rubber to support it.

We called it a night and then stepped back into the garage the next night.

The next night Waz was back! Armed with a new gasket from MTQ Engine Systems for a great price as well. We had to grind out one of the holes slightly to fit the stud setup we had and then it went on ready for mating with the dump pipe.

Not using proper lock nuts, we bashed them on one side with a big hammer to make the thread tighter on the end, and installed wire to at least hold them in if they come loose. We then re fitted the front pipe to the cat as well and installed a new 2 bolt 3′ gasket there too to seal it all up.  I unfortunately didn’t take a photo of the 4 nuts that Nissan had supplied him many years ago to fit a dump pipe. They cost him $80! robbed.

The only thing remaining was to attempt to fix the lack of functioning handbrake in the car currently. Waz had the idea to put nuts over the bottom of the handbrake adjustment thread to space the nut further out to give more thread adjustment and hopefully tighten it up.

Thanks to Waz, Dad, Mayu, Geoff, RJ, Vincent and Daniel for their help!

Part 2: Preparing a trailer to tow the car out to Drift Attack.

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