Published on February 10th, 2010 | by Jos Roder


A Drift Life Begins!

Hi everyone,

Drifting has been my passion before a time that Drifting was even known to me.  I have accumulated many memories, stories and photos over the years of being involved with cars and Drifting in Australia. I’m a sentimental type, so this will be for my records and memory retrieval purposes, just as much as it is for others to enjoy!

Like a friend of mine, Guy(Shiroiusagi, linked blog), I will have to wind back the clock somewhat, to before the dawn of Drifting in Australia. A dark chapter in the Australian Motorsport landscape, a time where grip reigned supreme and if you wanted to go sideways you went rallying or drove a Sprintcar!

I will be bringing you long winded stories, videos of all random drift and motorsport activities and tonnes of random pics showcasing my drifting life here in Australia and overseas! If you are still reading this portion of my first post you have a fighting chance of surviving my story length and I commend you for not succumbing to the devolution of society through social media, where shortening of attention spans in this technological age means we will all be grunting mutes who have a tonne of data but no info!

Everything from the beginnings of drift in Australia (Fulllock), Jack-knifing road trips across our great Southern Land, run ins with upside down AE86’s on the touge’s in Osaka, rescue operations in the mountains of northern Japan by D1 drivers, competitions in Japan and Australia as a driver and as a Judge and Organiser and random car and motorsport craziness I have accumulated along the way!

Like all Motorsport, Drifting provides so much more than just the ‘act’. Friendships, mechanical education, road trips and life experience make Drifting a lifestyle.

Stay Tuned!

About the Author

Jos Roder

is the owner of Drift Life and delves deeper into drifting culture. Jos started drifting more than 10 years ago after discovering a sport existed that captured his favourite motoring endeavour, going sideways! Jos works full-time in the automotive/motorsport field as a PR Manager and Advanced Driving Instructor and currently owns a JDM S15 Nissan Silvia for drift/track/hillclimb duties.

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